Decodesk offers decorative products for interior and exterior architecture, with innovative, transgressive, current and completely new approaches.
Our products collected from different collections, represent a totally new approach to interior design and modern architecture, introducing current, dynamic elements, and custom design to any type of project.


3D Panels

A collection of decorative panels inspired by natural, organic shapes and textures. Three-dimensional panels which contribute a new vision of decoration and modern architecture and develops surface perceptions.

Architectural Lattices

Constructed from suitable materials for interiors and exteriors together with a simple and functional installation system, give this product a very long life in all climatic conditions.


Decorative facing pieces for interior that combine some suggestive patterns of cutting boards with joints of sight and superficial finish made of different types of polyleather (it also can be painted or covered by melanin). 


The decorative panels forming this collection are made of machining techniques on special MDF board with high resin content. We offer very elaborate design pieces, modern and different from other existing pieces, made ​​with these techniques.

Headboards and other products.

HEADBOARDS and other products for contractors.
We work with catering companies to provide special features that make your establishment unique...

Acoustics ceiling and wall panels

Panels especially designed to achieve high sound absorption, with a striking aesthetic contribution.


Our company performs integral architecture projects, such as, facade refurbishing and decoration...